Anna Goes Back To Deretchin!

Anna had so much fun talking to the sweet 1st graders at Deretchin Elementary School this week!  Her 6-year-old cousin, Abby Vinson, was so proud to do Anna’s official introduction.  We are so proud of their hard work to support the American Heart Association!  You’re never to little to learn to “give back!”
P.S.  National Donor Day is February 14th!

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Vegas, Baby!


Celebrating after Anna’s performance at a national sales meeting in Las Vegas!
Anna has always been very comfortable to get in front of people, but seeing her
talk (and sing) for a crowd of 4,000 people just blew us away.  She rocked it!
She got lots of great feedback, shared the message of organ donation and the
power of optimism, and we got to tag along and make it a mini family vacation.
She is ready for the next one!  She loves doing this.  We’ll have to get her an agent soon!

What a difference 6 months makes – Thank you, donor family! #loveofadonor

Christmas in Carolina


Here we are in Topsail, NC, spending Christmas at the ocean.  We spent a quiet week just us, and then the second week the Codis joined us (it is THEIR beach house, after all…) and we had another great vacation with our besties.  I don’t know how we would’ve gotten through this whole ordeal without the “B Team.”

game night

Best part is always Family Game Night – and we’ve had a lot of them in 10 years!

Ashley Does It Again!

A million thanks to the beautiful, talented and generous Ashley Snowden Grier for another priceless family photo!  This one includes the heart of a special angel.

A million thanks to the beautiful, talented and generous Ashley Snowden Grier for another priceless family photo! This one includes the heart of a special angel.

This is our first post-transplant family photo, and we couldn’t be more thrilled
to have them done by the talented and generous Ashley Snowden Grier!
She moved to Louisiana last year, but made the point to see us when she came
to visit Texas for Thanksgiving.  Her photos are as beautiful as she is.
Our girls are getting so big – Here we are, two years beyond her first photos,
and Anna’s got a new heart inside of her.  Amazing!  Happy Thanksgiving!

True Friends

These pictures just bring us to tears. Alli spent most of the 4 days post-transplant sitting in the waiting room or quietly in the corner of Anna’s room in ICU. Anna would open her eyes & say, “Hi, buddy.” When you have friends who are already on an airplane from NY just 3 hours after you call with the news, what more can you ask for in this life. So glad these little Care Bear-carrying girls found each other in Pre-K. Little did we know where 10 years would take them!

alli_1 alli_2

Children’s Cardiomyopathy Month

Cardiomyopathy (the illness that put Anna in heart failure) is a complicated, frightening & frustrating disease. It can present at all ages, vary in cause, in type & severity; be life-limiting and life-threatening. So many families are managing this disease; some for multiple children, or a parent and child. Other families have suffered the loss of their children. This month, please take a minute to read about cardiomyopathy, and keep all of these families in your prayers. Thank you!!

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Janis Joplin Friday

Back at TCH today for Anna’s first biopsy. They take a tiny piece of heart tissue to check for rejection. We’re calling it Janis Joplin Friday since Joe started singing, “Take another little piece o’ my heart now, baby…” We’ll let you know how it goes! Come-on take it!