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2 thoughts on “Write Us

  1. YOU are amazing! We are sooooooooooooooo rooting for u! I can’t wait to see you play all the sports u want! You are such an inspiration to everyone! Get better fast AND KEEP SMILING! YOU ARE SO AWESOME!!!!

  2. Hi my name is Roberto Nava and Im 17 yrs old. I suffer from the exact disease you have .I dont know how complicated your case might be but In my case i dont need a heart transplant but i need take 5 different medicines every single day(which are lisinopril,furosimide,dioxin,atenolol,andspironolactone).Also I have had this disease since i was 3 yrs old, and it was trigger because i had leukemia n the treatments cause me this disease.It might be harsh but never give u and be always positive..Also i have a special that diet like not eating a lot of salt,salt causes us to retain liquids.Be moderate on your exercise and ask your doctor what reatrictions you could have and always be alert on some of the second effects your medicine.Theres a cure that its currently being tested on animals,it involves the use of stem cells that are apply directly to your heart.This stem cells regenerate all your hearts tisues,its like having a new heart without a transplant.That cure,well that treatment its not ready yet but would be out soon.

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