The Waiting Is The Hardest Part

Here Anna and her guitar teacher Corey sing some Tom Petty, with new words written by Anna and her Dad. The waiting is hard, but we are so grateful that Anna has stayed strong and stable. There are so many kids who aren’t as lucky, who are waiting in the hospital for their chance at transplant. Our thoughts and prayers are with those incredible families all the time.
And then there’s the tremendous amount of love and support that has carried our family along, and enabled Anna to face this with strength and optimism. Thank you for waiting with us, and for cheering her on – Believe it. Her new heart will come. ♥

Lucky 13!

You’re never too old for a birthday crown!   Anna had a wonderful birthday week,
with a visit from her bestie Camryn and her Dad for several days, followed by her
broski Drew and his Mom for the rest.  Anna is so lucky to have such good friends.
Along with dozens of messages and cards from all over the country, her friends
and family showed her lots of birthday love.  We know this will be Anna’s “lucky” year;
the one that brings her what she wishes for most – a new, healthy heart.

Not Your Typical Pre-Teen

Anna loves to be funny and will do anything for a laugh. While other pre-teen girls dress up as cheerleaders or pretty pirates for Halloween, Anna tapes on a moustache and she’s a cheesy
70′s TV detective. This costume had us rolling – especially when she spoke in character.
We realized afterward that she was channeling
the Beastie Boys’ Sabotage video…

Below is her Halloween costume from last year, Madge the Waitress, made by Aunt Diane.

Go Texans!

Does she look ready for some FOOTBAAAAAALL??








Anna has embraced her life in Houston, and loves rooting for the Texans!
When she saw this inflatable helmet on the shelf at the store, she tossed it
in the cart immediately.  And when she put it on for game day, she came out
and said, “Best $10 I ever spent!”  GO TEXANS!

Anna is Turning 13!


Anna is Turning 13!

Anna will be celebrating her 13th birthday on November 3rd! The years have absolutely flown by, and here she is a teenager already. We all wish for Anna nothing but a new, healthy heart and long, happy life! Anna loves to receive mail, so anyone who’d like to send some love with an old-fashioned birthday card through snail mail, she would love it! Please send to: Anna King, 2 Gilmore Grove Pl, The Woodlands, TX 77382
Also, some have asked for Anna’s “wish list.” The absolute best thing anyone can give Anna is their prayers, as well as to spread the word about the importance of organ donation. That being said, she is a typical girl & loves to get goodies. Her favorite shopping stops are Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Bath & Body Works, & Life is good!  Thank you for following Anna’s journey. The next year is bound to be the best one yet! <3

[Photo courtesy of Ashley Grier, Faces of Faith Photography]

Anna King, Psychic Detective


We have come up with lots of new hobbies and interests for Anna since she was diagnosed. One of her favorite things to do is watch her favorite episodes of Psych over and over again. She and Lila and Joe make references from the show so much in daily conversation, it’s like they have their own language. Here she plays one of the first songs she learned on the guitar – the Psych theme (starring Dad).


Today is Day 114 for Anna on the transplant waiting list. According to UNOS, she is one of 73,387 active transplant candidates as of today. So many people who could have a second chance at life.
If you haven’t already, please consider becoming an organ donor and saving a life just as precious as our Anna’s.  We’ve got the link right here for you. Thank you. ♥

Anna and Alli


Anna and Alli

Anna and Alli have been best buddies since Pre-K. Since Anna’s diagnosis, Alli has come to Texas four times. She is a true blue friend who would do anything for Anna. The girls had a blast together during Alli’s 10-day stay, and it was a great way to wrap up the summer. We are so sad to see her go! Love you, Al! <3