The Cuteness Factor

golfer30% heart function,
150% cuteness…
It all balances out.

Anna knows the first step to success is looking good, and she’s pulling it off thanks to her favorite Calloway visor from Rich Zap, her moustache knee-highs from Emily Spooner, and the inspiration from her awesome golf coach LPGA pro Susie Redman.

In the past few months, Coach Susie & the great people at the Woodlands Country Club have shown Anna lots of love, and given her some amazing opportunties.  This week she had the privelege of meeting PGA pro Jhonny Vegas and his whole team.
They said they’d be “Team Anna” for the day.  (They were even coincidentally sporting Anna’s favorite color!)  Thanks, Team Vegas, for your time & your encouragement. <3

team vegas

Here’s to a Happy, HEALTHY 2013!

anna alli nye

Anna’s favorite Christmas gift was a surprise visit from Alli Codi, her BFF since Pre-K.
It’s bound to mean good things for 2013 that they were able to ring in the New Year together.  We are praying that this year brings Anna a new heart & allows her to continue living the extraordinary life we believe she is meant to live. <3

Hold Each Other Tight


Hold Each Other Tight

It is difficult to understand the bad things that happen in our lives. Dealing with the reality that we are facing with Anna’s illness has been difficult. But with that difficulty comes the blessing of appreciating each day we have together as a family. It has made us thankful for all that we have, for as long as we have it.
This past weekend, families all over America felt the loss of those precious children in Connecticut. It scares us and saddens us to see how much can be taken from us, and so quickly.  It can make us focus on the bad things, bad people, bad circumstances we have around us. From what we have been through, I know there are two things I need to focus on to keep moving forward.
First, we have to remind ourselves that most people are good. We have seen so many good people do so many good things. And this will only make those people want to be better, and do better.
Second, we have to hold onto each other – and hold on tight. Love your kids. Support your spouse. Be helpful to your neighbors. Be kind to strangers. Be good. <3

~ Anna’s Mom

“Whole Lotta Love – Anna’s Heart”


This past May, a special package arrived for Anna. It was this beautiful “heart painting” by Dallas, TX artist Tanner Lawley. It remains one of the most treasured gifts Anna has received, and Tanner has held a special place in our hearts ever since. Recently Tanner asked if we would like to offer a special edition print of the painting as a fundraiser for Anna. We are thrilled to partner with him on this project, and to have this image hanging in the homes of Anna’s friends, families and supporters.
Below is what Tanner wrote about Anna:

“Earlier this year I was at the gym and a news story came over the TV about a 12 year old girl named Anna King. Anna had been living with a rare heart condition, dilated cardiomyopathy, which means her heart has become diseased and has worn itself out.
Anna will need a new heart. After seeing this story, God told me to send her one of my hearts and this was the one I sent her. I still haven’t met Anna or the King Family yet but I can’t wait to enjoy her glowing spirit.
Anna’s mom Pam and I have decided to partner up together as equal partners to raise money for Humor Heals The Heart: The Anna King Project. I’ve decided to open an edition of Anna’s Heart and we are offering them to you first. This is a signed and numbered open edition.”
Special Edition: “Whole Lotta Love – Anna’s Heart” 20×16″ giclee on gallery wrapped canvas $200 (price includes free shipping in US)

For sales or more info contact The Lawley Art Group @ 214-325-8163

Next Stop, LPGA! Hey… why not?

LPGAAnna was so excited to get this banner today from her golf coach,
LPGA Professional Susie Redman, signed by all of the LPGA players!
Anna loves golf, and since meeting Coach Susie, dreams of playing for college and someday the LPGA.

(She’s already picking out her choice of sponsors.  We told her she may be getting a little ahead of herself there, but hey… what do we know.  Go for it, kid.)

Anna was connected with Coach Susie, a professional at The Woodlands Country Club,
through our neighbors, the Spooner family.  Susie has donated all of the time & talent she has shared with Anna, and she has made such a huge impact on Anna in so many ways.  Golf lessons allow Anna to get outdoors for a bit (now that it’s cooling down a little) and get an appropriate amount of exercise, which is good for her physically and even moreso mentally.  They make Anna feels like an athlete again, despite her restrictions.  Her golf lessons are something she looks forward to all week.

Coach Susie is one of so many people who have gone above and beyond for Anna -
We are so lucky to have such good people on our team!!

P.S. One cool note is that the current LPGA Player of the Year, Stacy Lewis is from
The Woodlands!  Coincidence??… We don’t think so.

A Memory – Maker


A Memory - Maker

When we went to bed last night, Anna’s Dad said, “Today was a memory-maker.”
So true.  We laughed all day, celebrating Thanksgiving as  Pilgrims & Indians with
our pals, The Codi Family.  I don’t know any other family we could have talked into
this silliness.  So grateful to them – and to every single person who has lifted us up this past year with their generosity, good vibes & prayers.

Lots to be grateful for in the King House.
Hoping your Thanksgiving was a  memory-maker too!
Much love & gratitude from our family to yours! <3

Go Texans!

The Texans had some extra cute fans in the stands Sunday!  The girls had a blast at the Texans vs Jaguars game thanks go the generosity of the sweet Cope Family.
What a nail biter!!  The Texans pulled out the win in overtime & it was a fun day for the whole family.  Keep those wins coming, guys!  Anna wants to see a Super Bowl! <3

Virtual Dance Party

Technology is an amazing thing.  Anna’s BFF may live across the country, but they can still hang out together on a Friday night, even if it is with Alli on a 10-inch screen.
Anna & Lila cranked up the music for a virtual dance party with Alli on Friday night.
In this picture, they’re dancing to Michael Jackson’s Thriller, and yes, of course Anna’s wearing a white sequined glove… Why wouldn’t she be?

Facebook, Facetime, Twitter, Cell Phones, Texting… It’s made our world
a whole lot smaller, and keeps our friends so much closer.  It’s truly amazing.

Anna Sings For Our Veterans!

Anna sings her favorite Toby Keith song in honor of our military for Veteran’s Day.
She has received hundreds of messages of encouragement from the military community in the past week – putting her at over 5,000 “likes” on her Facebook page.
Today it’s her turn to honor them for allowing us to sleep in peace each night.
We love our “American soldiers!” <3

Queens for a Day

The King girls were treated like “Queens” for the Day with a special Girls Day Out for Anna’s birthday. Three new friends hosted a special birthday luncheon and day of surprises for Anna, Lila, Mom and Auntie.  This slide show is just a glimpse of the fun we had – Thank you so much to Shirelle, Kena, Kensley & Stephanie for an unforgettable celebration!  <3

CLICK HERE: Queen for a Day