Anna’s Story

April 2012

Anna King is an optimist.

She has been a fan of positivity and a Life is Good groupie since she was 2 years old. If you asked Anna to define herself in one word just 3 weeks ago, she likely would have answered “athlete.”

At 12 years old, she’s already had fantastic experiences participating & excelling in soccer, basketball, volleyball and running. Anna has a competitive spirit and loves to win. She is a natural leader and enjoys being part of a team. Like most kids, Anna loves to be with friends and be active. And most of all, she loves to laugh and make other people laugh.

3 weeks ago she was an athlete, coming in first with her team at her volleyball tournament. Today, she is in heart failure.  To be accurate, her heart has obviously been in bad shape for a while, but it wasn’t discovered until Anna had a chest xray to check for pneumonia. The doctors noted her heart was mildly enlarged, and a follow up with a pediatric cardiologist revealed shocking news. Anna had been living with a rare heart condition, dilated cardiomyopathy, which means her heart has become diseased and has worn itself out. Anna will need a new heart.

Now Anna and her family are working with a transplant team at Texas Childrens Hospital in Houston, and waiting for a new heart. We believe that Anna’s love for her life and the people in it was so big that this heart just couldn’t keep up with her. It is our prayer that Anna will get a new heart meant for her; one that will keep up with her enormous capacity to love, laugh and live the life she is meant to live.

We need a “Heart Fit For A. King.”

In the meantime, Anna is approaching this challenge as she has lived all of her life. She is confident, courageous and ready to win.  Most of all, Anna has an infectious sense of humor and a silliness that makes life easier for her, and for all of us around her. We invite you to follow us on our journey, and become part of Anna King’s “Army of Optimists.” Together we will see Anna through this, watch her win, and all be better for having learned from her.

[ Anna is a native of Mayfield, NY, and currently lives in The Woodlands, Texas, with her parents, Joe and Pam, little sister Lila & her pup, Zack. ]

65 thoughts on “Anna’s Story

  1. Dear Joe and Pam,
    I recently was told by my parents about Anna. Although I do not know your daughter that well, it is obvious that she has a wonderful spirit. She also has two wonderful parents with a remarkable positive attitude that will only help on your journey together as a family. Love is a powerful emotion that can physically and emotionally change people for better or worse. In your case, the love that the two of you have for your daughter along with her love of life will certainly make a powerful combination worthy of a king. Our thougths and prayers are with Anna and your family.


    Jeremy RIch and family

  2. Even though I do not know Anna, I am good friends with one of her friends, Allison, and have heard her story. I hope Anna will be okay. My thoughts are with her.

  3. Anna, Joe, Pam and Lila…You are all such inspirations to so many. Ecspecially YOU Anna….your love for life is infectious……Thank you for being such a role model to the rest of us. With your attitude you can do anything! We all love the Kings and are praying for you ALL DAY!
    XXOO The Ruliffson’s

  4. Anna – although I have never had a chance to meet you, I have known your dad and Grandma Andrea for a very long time. There is no doubt in my mind that you are all the good things everyone says on your behalf. You are one strong young lady with the ability to infect the world and those around you with smiles and positive thoughts about life. I want you to know that my thoughts and prayers go out to you and the rest of your family.
    Sandy and Bailey Beekman

  5. My family and I wish your family the best of luck! Anna is a wonderful girl and a friend of my daughter ( cirena )! Thoughts and prayers for the entire family

  6. Anna, I put you on the prayer list at St. John’s Episcopal Church in Johnstown and am also including you in my prayers. God Bless you.

    Kathy Cenzano

  7. Anna and Family. Me and my 2 daughters will add you to our prayers while we pray together over dinner. We home all the best for you.

    Is there an address where we could send a card or gift?

  8. We can all take a lesson from you, Anna, on looking on the bright side, staying positive and remain focused on the future where we only want the very best for you and your entire family. Much love & prayers, Jane & Sierra

  9. we love you soooooooo much and can’t wait till you come back to school. (btw loved your pics) We all want happiness without any pain, but rainbows only come after a little rain. I can’t wait to see your rainbow. LOVE YOU , AND GET WELL SOON PLZ! call me when your up for a visitor.
    ~ Emily Nelson

  10. When I delivered Anna to my daughter and son-in-law 12 years ago all I saw was a beautiful and vigorous granddaughter. She has brought all of us a ton of joy and laughter since then. She is such an A+ kid. She’s a mentor to her sis, Lila, a tease to her parents, grandparents and friends. Willing to do anything for a lautgh. We just want to see her laughter continue everyday. As she explores her options without active sports she says she’ll just have more time for her songwriting

  11. Hi Anna,
    I have never met you in person but I feel like I know you through pictures and fun videos that I’ve watched on FB. I want to tell you that I think about you and I keep you in my prayers. You’re supported by some pretty wonderful people ( I’m sure you already knew that)! Just want to say, keep smiling, stay positive and keep singing!

  12. Hi Anna,

    Like the many others that have written on your page, I don’t know you but I grew up with your dad. Many hours of wiffle ball, dodge ball and chase in your grandparents back yard. I also played soccer with your Awesome Aunt Tracie! You have an amazing family behind you and I have all the belief in the world that “a heart fit for a King” will come your way. You seem like an amazing little girl with such strength, humor and love! Keep your sense of humor and keep posting your songs on FB!!!! YOU ROCK! ~ Jaime Frederiksen-Campbell :)

  13. we love you so much and are praying for you every minute of every day. i know you are such a strong girl and have such a positive spirit- like uncle ryan said, you were meant for greatness! you got this! love, auntie, uncle ryan, abby, and chasey <3

  14. Hey Miss Anna girl. Uncle Lynn & I miss you so much, and we are following everything you do and say on FB. Great to be able to look on your website and see that beautiful face and great spirit that you have always had. A heart fit for A. King is just what the doctor ordered. Lots of HUGS & KISSES to you, Mom, Dad, Lila, and Sir Zachary. Keep up the great entertainment and that wonderful smile. LOVE U TONS !! Aunt Di & Uncle Lynn

  15. Hi Anna, you probably don’t remember me, but I’m really good friends with Alli, and I hope you get better soon. My family and I are thinking about you!

  16. Dear Lila and Anna,
    I really miss you. And Anna you got this and I love your pics and video (love them).
    Delaney aka Laney
    p.s. always thinking of you

  17. Anna,
    It’s rare in life that someone will touch your life and inspire you without ever having met them. You’ve done just that for me and hundreds of others. Your attitude, enthusiasm, capacity for caring and optimism have indeed inspired me and touched my life. You have an amazing family and a star quality that will carry you into the hearts and lives of so many people. Stay strong Anna, my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family as you make this journey. You are amazing and I have no doubt that the perfect heart WILL find you.

    Danielle Walter

  18. Anna- We will be cheering you on and know that you will be on the field again! I went to college with your Mom and we will keep you in our thoughts and prayers!

  19. Anna with your outlook on life and your will to winand with the prayers of all your supporters I believe in miracles and i am praying for one to come your wway very so.May god bless you and your family.

  20. Dear Anna
    U have such a positive attitude and such strength. Ur laughter surely is contagiouse. Hang in their and keep strong
    Dear mrs. And mr. King
    I am terribly sorry for ur terrible news. But ur guyses positive attitude will surely help on the rough journey. I hope a heart comes soon. U and ur family are in my thoughts and prayers… <3

  21. Anna,
    I don’t know if we have officially met at one time, but I have known your parents for many years. Your mom and I graduated from high school together. As a registered nurse, I have seen the healing powers that come from a positive attitude and strength from family and friends. You obviously have both of these! Your mom taught my son English for two school years and even got him to like it! For that reason alone I have great faith in your mom (and dad too) and know you will all get through this together. Best wishes to get well soon!
    Barb Garrigan

  22. Hi Anna!!! We do not know each other but I am a longtime friend of your moms and dads. We are are sending you our support and encouragement along with our prayers. We want you to know that you are in our thoughts daily and are with you in spirit. Kimberly Green/Gerighty, Gavin & Olivia Gerighty. Gloversville, NY <3

  23. We have had an immediate connection with your family – a bond that will last a lifetime. You all have such an amazing outlook on life that is just infectious to all who surround you. We are honored to consider you among the best of our friends, and are so lucky that our daughter has such a great friend in Anna. She is a one in a million kind of girl! We will continue to think positive and absolutely believe that Anna’s “got this”. Love you guys!
    Tim and Lori Meca

  24. Dearest Anna, Hurry Up and get that heart and please come to Mayfield, so we can go to Sand Island and throw “sand” all over Kari and Uncle Lyn! We love you guys very much. Crazy Jack and Deb.

  25. Dear Anna/Neighbor,
    Yes this is Jordan. You could probaly tell who this is even before looking at my name, neighbor :P. Just to let you know I have a ton of faith in you, well we all do. We all miss you, your parents, Lila, and Zack. And we should get in touch soon, real soon! I also hope to see you guys again. We do miss you guys up here in Ny. I hope you get a new heart soon… we love you Anna and you will always be in my heart <3.
    …Hope to hear from you soon, Jordan.

  26. HI Anna you are in my prayers and thoughts everyday.I have said it to you before and I will say it again you are the strongest and bravest young lady I know Keep up that positive attitude and strength. If Uncle Donnie can do anything for you just let me know okay

  27. Anna, there is so much to say…..I miss your positive attitude and outlook on everything. You’re an amazing friend and there won’t be anyone like you in million years or ever!! You and your family will be in my prayers……you’re strong and I know you’ll never give up.”You got this” and just keep saying it….because I know how you are……You want to win and NOTHING will get in your way! :D

  28. Dear Anna, hi neighbors i miss you so much mabye we can hang out in the summer i miss u so much love:your neighbor nicole

  29. Hello so I found you guys off the life is good Facebook page. I loved Anna’s parody! Then I found your blog and realized you lived in Texas, then realized that you go to TCH (best hospital EVER!) then I scrolled down and saw that you guys are living in The Woodlands!!!
    All of those things apply to me too! I’m finishing up my freshman year at The Woodlands High School and really excited I found you guys online! I want to tell Anna that she has such an amazing attitude, and that she needs to keep it up to get better! Trust me it really helps! I’d know because I had OHS last summer and believe it or not it was the BEST experience ever! I was in and out in 10 days they said it was going to take 14-18 days!
    Stay Strong and really positive Anna! I believe in you!

      • keep on molding your reality closer to the heart… with love, faith and lots of humor ways blessed be anna love.
        stay well and keep on rocking with your positive shared vibes sweet~heart!
        <3<3<3 xx (0:

  30. Anna,
    Your an Amazing young Lady and You have a herat of gold. The Lord will see to it for you to get a heart fit for a King.
    I have watched Your videos and listened to your beautiful voice and I have laughed and cried all at the same time, You have loving Parents and Sister and Grandparents and all with such positive attitudes. Keep up the spirit Anna and follow your journey with love and laughter.
    I’m praying for you every day. Kim Mitchell ( Your Grandma’s Cousin)

  31. Anna, As a mom of a heart transplant son, my heart goes out to you and your family. Our son was diagnosed with cardiomyopathy at the age of 27 after a brief illness (thought to be flu). He declined rapidly, recived an LVAD one month after his first symptoms, did not improve significantly and subsequently was put on the heart transplant list 4 months later. He received his new heart 1 month after being on the list! It has been 3 years since his transplant and he is doing fabulous! He will be graduating with his Masters Degree tomorrow eve (5/18) in Rehab Counseling. His next goal is to get a job!! I will follw your journey and pray for a positive outcome. Your attitude is fabulous and an inspiration to those who have a “poor attitude”! Keep up the good work and I hope ti see your name in the LPGA some day! :-)

    • Karen,
      Thanks so much for your encouraging message for Anna.
      It is wonderful for her to hear of people living full, successful lives post-transplant.
      Best wishes & prayers for your son’s continued good health from the Kings! <3

  32. Dear Anna,
    you may or may not remember me, but, remember when we were in preschool? good times. i saw you at relay for life a few years ago too. You were my very first best friend and was always there for me. Now i’m here for you! if you could email me some time that’d be great!, or, or
    DeviantARt- Vivigirl13
    I’d really like to talk! My mom told me you were on TV, and i FREAKED OUT!
    Veronica Peck. :{D

  33. Anna,its Cassie. I know you don’t remember me,but please read this. I was in tears when I found out about your heart.We were in Esp together, and i always remembered you happy face! !!!!!!LIFE IS GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Please Email me at

  34. Anna…you don’t know me…but I heard your story and after seeing it…I believe you can make it. As long as you believe, you can do ANYTHING.
    ~Keep on shining like a star,

  35. What a great girl from a great family! You have everything you need to defeat cardiomyopathy. Hopefully your new heart will be there soon. Cardiomyopathy is horrible. Keep your spirits up. It helps more than you know. Life is Good has helped to inspire me even when I am having the worst days. I have a different type of cardiomyopathy. They seem to be totally supporting you!

  36. Love your site and positivity Anna. Sending you huge hugs and best wishes for that new heart to arrive soon. In the meantime, keep making your wonderful impression on the world.

  37. Dear Anna,
    I am 13 years old and I have never meet you but I would love to someday!! I have learned great things about you that remind me of myself! I also have heard amazing things about you from Jen Royals! I am praying for you everyday! I cannot wait to see and hear about you being a dilated cardiomyopathy surviver! Please keep singing, you are amazing, always remember that!

  38. Dear Anna,
    So sorry to hear of your illness. I was given this information about this website by a friend. My family and I can relate to what you are going through as my nine year daughter was diagnosed with Restrictive cardiomyopathy in June of this year. She is also waiting for a new heart. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. Continue to be positive, it’s the best medicine. If you would like you can email me at

  39. Hi Anna, I *think* my uncle used to be a sherriff in Mayfield, if it’s the town that’s sort of near Lake Chatauqua? Upstate NY? Small world, huh? But now you’re down in Texas, yeeha! Make sure you get to a rodeo, girly! Live it up!

  40. I have gotten my Fit for A. King tee shirt from Undaunted Apparel. I will post a pic on FB for you. Hang tough little lady. There are lots of us in the Capital District that are cheering you on!

  41. My prayers are with you and your parents, Ana.
    For the lord there is nothing impossible, believe in him. You are strong and he stands beside you.

  42. Dear Anna,
    Everybody in our family is praying that you will be able to get a new heart, and be able to continue your wonderful life. We have our fingers crossed. i hope you can do it. Good Luck Anna!!!!

  43. dear, anna
    i hope you can still have ur wonderful journey through your life. i bet someone will give you the perfect heart. my familey is worried but they are praying for you. hope yu find what you have been searching for.
    summer childers and familey

  44. I’m so sorry that you are having to deal with this at such a young age! i know you will be able to contiue you wonderful life. Hopefully somebody has a big enough heart like you do to give theirs to you. my family is praying that you will make it through this. but i know you will. Me and my sister are crossing our fingers that you will be okay. hang in there. you’ll be fine, you will make it through.

  45. Dear Anna,

    It was my pleasure to have been able to meet you, you sister and your parents today. I am impressed with your positive attitude and that gigantic smile that permeates with a positive outlook on life, your family and the future. The power of prayer is enormous and God does hear us. You and your family are in my heart and prayers each and every day. God be with you.


    Karen Mitchell

  46. Hi Anna!
    We are practically neighbors, for I too live in The Woodland’s area. in fact I taught in CISD for twenty years.

    You little miss are an inspitation to everyone, so Please keep up the positive attitude! You are such a little Wonder Woman! If one has to have a condition such as yours, this day in time is the time to have it. With all the knowledge and technology that God has given doctor’s today, you can rest easily knowing something positive will come your way sweet girl.

    Good luck Anna, and may God bless and keep you strong and healthy!

  47. Hi! I learned about Anna from a twitter post tonight from James Roday. I love the show Psych. It’s one if my favorites! So I saw your name and clicked further. I just read your story and blog and you have captured my heart. You are an amazing little woman and me and my family are cheering you on from Fresno, CA! Stay positive! We will be praying for you and following your story. I am so inspired by you.

    From the heart,

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