Signs, Signs, Everywhere the Signs

Signs, Signs, Everywhere the Signs

Over the last couple of months we have seen hearts everywhere. Our friend Veronica tells us that if you believe, you will see the signs. Well, we believe – and so do a lot of other people – because nearly every day we see a “heart” somewhere – or someone sends us a photo of one. Anna put a quarter in one of those junk machines at the arcade and got a ring with a heart on it. We pull a chip shaped like a heart out of the Tostitos bag. We see heart shaped leaves, heart shaped stones, hearts in the clouds. Some of them are a stretch (we admit), but many feel very significant.
While at the mall, Anna immediately spotted this pair of crown heart earrings at Claire’s. It was the only pair in the store.¬† Her heart will come.¬†Believe it! <3

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