Spreading Good Vibes Nation-wide!

Our thanks goes out to Jenna Lee and the folks at Fox News Channel
for sharing Anna’s story on “Happening Now,” and doing it so well.

And thanks to Erik Compton, PGA golfer & two-time heart transplant recipient,
for taking the time to meet Anna and encourage us all with his great story.
What an awesome athlete and great guy.  More proof that Anna can still have it all!

The response from the interview was overwhelming.
Lots of gratitude at the King house for the love, prayers and encouragement
that came from coast to coast!

(We’re hanging a map in Anna’s room where she can mark the places
where she’s heard from her supporters!  We’re gonna need a lot of pins.)

Click on the above photo, and you will be taken to the Fox site where you can watch the video. (Scroll to bottom of the story to watch the video!)

6 thoughts on “Spreading Good Vibes Nation-wide!

  1. Guys! Wow! I just watched this again. You both were so fantastic! Anna, you are so very brave. We are just so proud of all of you for taking this challange head on. Just amazing.

  2. I think I’ve watched this video 10 times..it brings a smile to my face every time..
    See you soon!!!

  3. Lots and lots of prayers up for you, Anna! Your courage is an inspiration. You have a great future ahead of you!
    Miami, Florida

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