Lila’s Lemonade!

Lila has been working for weeks to get ready to open “Lila’s Lemonade,” 
to raise money for her sister.  She made some posters & put flyers throughout
our neighborhood. Auntie even got her an official cash box.

She shopped for her supplies at Sam’s Club and used all of her savings,
$63.07 to buy her inventory.  She did have a little buyer’s remorse afterward.
It’s hard to give all your money away when you’re 9 years old.  But when I
offered to front the money, she insisted she wanted to do it. 

Today, Lila and her Texas BFFs, Kyra and Jacqueline, set up her stand.
And our neighbors came in droves.  We are blown away by the compassion
and generosity we were shown by people we barely know, and some who
were complete strangers.  Lila’s sale was bigger than she ever dreamed.Image

This past month has been life changing for our family.  There are moments when
you can get bogged down with fear and anger and the unfairness of it all, but beyond
that is a level of gratitude and amazement at the simple goodness of people and
the blessings of our life.  Joe and I think of our two beautiful girls, our friends &
family at home, our new neighbors here in The Woodlands, and just say,
“How lucky are we.”

Thank you.


3 thoughts on “Lila’s Lemonade!

  1. remember.. even in tradegy you can find blessings and hope!! You are loved and will continue to see support for you and Joe and the girls! <3 <3 <3

  2. Actually Pam…so many of us are lucky to have the King’s in our lifes. Lila has been a blessing to our family for the past 5 years. And through her eyes (as well as the rest of you) we have come to see the world in a different way. What an amazing story you have. We are in constant prayer for Anna, as well as all of you. Stay strong and keep looking for those blessings. GOD has a great plan for Anna….Lila……and you and Joe! (why else would you have these trials :))
    Love, From Birch Lane!

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