Anna’s story in tonight’s news

Tonight’s news segment on KHOU11 told Anna’s story, but that story would be very different without the gift from a loving donor family. We don’t know who they are – but we know they believe in giving life, and that’s what they’ve given Anna.


Please follow their lead and register, if you haven’t already. Do it for Anna, and for all of the families still waiting. Thank you!

Click here, or on image below to watch the KHOU news segment

Screen Shot 2014-08-29 at 8.46.34 PM


Bedside post-transplant selfie!

Bedside post-transplant selfie! Anna has had a rough day pain-wise, but she is getting through it. Resting tonight after hard work with PT. She sat in a chair for an hour and they will have her up more tomorrow. We are buoyed by your love & posts & prayers. Please keep it all going for her this week! Love to you all! And most especially to the family who is responsible for all of this. ‪